Frédéric Steyaert

Descended from an entrepreneurial family, customer care is in Frédéric's blood. He also managed a credit management company for 7 years.

However, Frédéric missed sales and customer contact too much and decided to return to his roots. Unpaid is a bit like going home for him.

With his vast experience in sales and credit management, he is undoubtedly the right man to bring Unpaid up a couple of levels.

Because at Unpaid it is not just the work that counts but also the people, it is important to mention that Frédéric is a real family man. In addition to a wife and 2 sons, he has a dog, 2 ponies, a cat, chickens and more…. He is very personally involved with KFC Heusden football club.

Are you looking for someone who can tell you more about Unpaid? Would you like more information before submitting your first claim? Don’t hesitate to call Frédéric at +32 476 655 360 or by e-mail via

Sales Manager

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