Bizzey and Unpaid

Bizzey is the online business software tool that lets you manage customers, projects, time measurements and invoices in a single and clear application. Thanks to the integration with Unpaid, you can collect unpaid invoices automatically.


How do I create the connection with Unpaid?

1) Navigate to the integrations tab in your Bizzey account and click on the Unpaid integration.

Stap 1 Bizzey en Unpaid integratie


2) Activate the Unpaid integration and fill in the required information.

Stap 2 Bizzey en Unpaid integratie


3) The integration is now activated.


How do I submit a claim for my invoice?

If you are faced with an unpaid invoice and have sent at least one reminder, you can submit a claim to Unpaid via the 'Bailiff' button to collect your invoice.

1) Click on the 'Bailiff' button.

Stap 1 dossier indienen via Bizzey


2) Carefully read Unpaid's description and click 'Submit claim' to start your claim.

Stap 2 dossier indienen via Bizzey


3) Pay the advance via Mollie's secure environment so that Unpaid can start your claim. Upon successful collection, the advance is recovered through the counterparty.

Stap 3 dossier indienen via Bizzey


4) After successful payment, you will be automatically redirected to Bizzey, where you can track the status of your claim.

Stap 4 dossier indienen via Bizzey

5) Upon successful collection, the status will be updated.

Stap 5 dossier indienen via Bizzey


Need help setting up the integration? Contact our helpdesk and our support staff will be at your service.