No subscription required

Whether you want to collect one invoice or a whole bunch, at Unpaid we are always ready to help you. You don't need a subscription to use our services. This means we do not charge a monthly fee and you are free to use our services whenever you need us.

No minimum amount

We understand that collecting every cent is of great importance to a business. By having no minimum invoice amount, we can help businesses of all sizes, from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. Whether it's a small outstanding invoice or a large one, you've come to the right place.

No exclusivity

Every company is unique and has its own way of doing things. For this reason, we do not require an exclusivity contract to use our services. This means that, as a business, you have full flexibility to choose when and how to use our services. Whether you are collecting a single invoice or are looking for a long-term collaboration, with us you are not tied to anything and can decide to use our services at any time.

Immediate action

It is crucial to act quickly and effectively when you are dealing with outstanding invoices. That is why we take immediate action by sending a bailiff to your client within 5 working days. Our bailiffs are experienced professionals who know how to act in the most efficient and effective way to ensure that your outstanding invoices are paid as quickly as possible. We work closely with them to ensure that you always receive the best possible service.



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