First aid for unpaid invoices

A step-by-step plan for taking action

If an invoice remains unpaid, it's not always easy to know what steps to take and when to get started. But it is extremely important that you do take action. We will explain step-by-step what you can do and the best way to go about it.

Step 1: Keep careful track of your payments

Be sure that you closely monitor your payments! The longer the delay between sending the invoice and filing a claim for non-payment, the more sharply the chances of payment decline.

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Step 2: Telephone first

Before you start sending letters or reminders, telephone your client first. It's possible that there's been a simple error and the situation can be resolved with just that one phone call.
What's more, such a personal approach is more direct and effective than an e-mail or letter, which is easy to ignore.

Be prepared!

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Step 3: Compose a correct reminder letter

If there is still no payment after your telephone call, then send a reminder letter by e-mail and post (possibly by registered letter).

In your reminder, clearly indicate which invoice it concerns and refer to your general conditions of sale. Also clearly state that the reminder constitutes a notice of default.

Never refer to it as a first reminder, otherwise you will imply that the client still has plenty of time because other reminders will follow before you take more serious action.

Step 4: Make clear agreements about payment

If the client requests an instalment plan, then make clear and concrete agreements!
How much, when and to what account should the payment be made?

Confirm these agreements in writing and carefully follow them up.

Step 5: Don't wait too long to call upon the services of a professional

If there is still no payment, don't wait too long to engage a professional to help you recover your money. Make clear agreements with this professional about how much it will cost and whether a commission will be charged. Shop around, because they can vary widely!

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