Day after day, we at Unpaid work hard to help you as an entrepreneur collect unpaid invoices as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make it even better, we have strengthened our ranks since the end of January with Frédéric Steyaert. Descended from an entrepreneurial family, customer care is in Frédéric's blood. He also managed a credit management company for 7 years.


customer relations
Whether you run a large company, an SME, a start-up or a one-man business: it's your customers who keep your business running. A good customer relationship is therefore necessary. We give you a few tips to maintain and even improve them in the best possible way.

An unpaid invoice?

Calculate here how much additional turnover you must generate to compensate for it.

The gross margin basically is the difference between the total income of the company (the turnover) and the costs paid to realise that operating income. In many cases (such as in this calculator) this margin is expressed in a percentage. In order to obtain this percentage, you divide the difference by the turnover.


terms and conditions
Do you have General Terms and Conditions? No? It is nevertheless an important document. The General Terms and Conditions determine the rules that will be applied in the event of discussions about delivered performances or invoiced goods. In other words: Good General Terms and Conditions ensure for you to have a stronger position in case of a dispute.