1,000 entrepreneurs rely on Unpaid to collect unpaid invoices

Today, we opened a bottle of bubbly in our home office as we toasted the 1,000th Unpaid customer! Less than four years after we founded Unpaid, a thousand companies already rely on us to collect their unpaid invoices.

1000 klanten feest


Since 2016, Unpaid has grown from a small baby with a lot of potential into a substantial toddler. And our approach of constant innovation did not only catch the eye of our customers; we won the ‘Most Innovative Lawyers’ award from The Financial Times and the ‘Credit Management Innovation’ award from the IVKM.

No matter how inspiring such prices are, positive feedback from our customers gives us even more pleasure.

"We can concentrate on our work, and Unpaid does the rest. They focus very much on the customer experience." Stephanie Ouachan, Strictly Business Software

The fact that we have reached the milestone of 1,000 customers is our greatest reward. It is a thousand times a mark of confidence in our solution. And it proves that, even for invoices that have remained unpaid for a long time, even for small amounts, time and again we manage to collect the money to which our customers are entitled. Moreover, it is much quicker and cheaper than legal proceedings.

At a time when certainties are melting like snow in the sun, we are proud to support so many businesses.

1,000 thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of Unpaid. But, most of all, thanks to our 1,000 - and counting - loyal customers!

On to 2,000!

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