The importance of good customer relations

Whether you run a large company, an SME, a start-up or a one-man business: it's your customers who keep your business running. A good customer relationship is therefore necessary. We give you a few tips to maintain and even improve them in the best possible way.

Communicate with your customers

Your products or services may even be great. They are not always the main reason why your customers come back. Above all, your customers want to feel that they are the centre of your focus. The most important factor is communication. The right communication at every stage of their decision-making process: before, during and after the purchase.

Discover the real needs

In order to communicate correctly and in a targeted way, you first need to perfectly understand what your customers want. So listen; it won't cost you anything and it's an enormous added value that sets you apart from the competition. You're guaranteed to discover pain points other than those that your customers initially communicated. 

good customer relationship


Does a bad payer mean a bad customer relationship?

Not necessarily. There are often several reasons why your customer doesn't pay directly. Maybe he's struggling with financial problems he doesn't want to admit. Turning the pot around and making excuses often points in that direction. Try to assess that correctly and respond to it.

If your client really refuses to pay, that's a different story. Maybe he's not completely satisfied or there are other reasons. It's up to you to find a solution that leads to an agreement.

Or maybe you're dealing with a lax client. For whom it is not a priority to pay invoices on time. It's up to you to keep after them. Your plan of approach is then determined in the functioning of the relationship you have with the customer.

Concrete tips to maintain a good customer relationship

  • Create trust

    A good relationship of trust with your client is a necessary basis. If you indicate that you trust that your client will pay on time, then that also creates trust on his side. However, never let it get too far and avoid abuse.
  • Personal approach

    With a personal approach your client feels appreciated and unique. If you serve him tailored to his specific needs, you give him a very good feeling. The perfect approach for positive communication.

tips good customer relation

  • Keep their attention

    You don't want your client to forget you so make sure you maintain contact. Let your name pop up in some advertising. Survey your customer's satisfaction once in a while, with a follow-up email or a phone call.
  • Give something extra

    It's always nice to receive, especially for your client. He feels appreciated and that has a positive influence on your customer relationship. Send a thank you for their cooperation, for the trust you get and for giving your company oxygen.

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