Six advantages of e-invoicing

In your private life and at work,: digitisation is omnipresent. As a company, it is also essential to take the digital train. Most of your customers have already switched to e-invoicing. In this article we look at what it means and what the benefits are.

What is e-invoicing?

Sending and receiving invoices electronically. That simple? So just in Word or PDF? That's already a first, important step. Platforms like Teamleader, Billit... help you create and manage your invoices quickly.

If you go one step further, you can convert those invoices into a special standardized XML file. This digital standard -Universal Business Language (UBL)- ensures that different accounting requirements communicate easily with each other. For example, it is no longer even necessary to send an e-mail or to put attachments in the right folder.

what is e-invoicing


What are the advantages of e-invoicing?

  1. You save time

    An end to the administrative hassle of drawing up, sending and paying invoices. Thanks to e-invoicing, sending and processing invoices is a lot easier. They go straight into accounting and the many invoicing phases are automated.
  2. It’s more reliable

    Automation reduces the loss of invoices on the road and reduces the risk of human error. Do you have to draw up a credit note? Has a customer not paid the VAT? Your platform reminds you of this and puts it right with a proverbial push of a button.

    Proverbial, because your accounting software never guarantees 100% error-free processing of your invoices. However, the number of errors will decrease considerably.

  3. It’s as safe as on paper

    As a result of the transposition of the European VAT Directive, paper and electronic invoices have been equivalent since 1 January 2013. If they are legally valid, of course.

    And that means:

    - The identity of the supplier is guaranteed.

    - The content of the invoice has not been changed.

    - And the details of the invoice must be clearly legible.

  4. It’s more sustainable

    Individuals and businesses: we are all faced with the task of looking for more sustainable ways of living and working. With e-invoicing you can significantly reduce the production and use of paper and also reduce the need for physical transportation.

  5. It's more profitable

    With e-invoicing you reduce your costs considerably. For example, a study by the University of Hasselt shows that the average cost of a paper invoice is around 12.08 euros. With e-invoicing you can easily save up to 9 euros per invoice, or as much as 75% of the costs.

  6. It's a lot more convenient

    Because you simply don't have any more paper to archive. Instead, you get an orderly digital archive where you can easily find everything.

e-invoicing explained


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