Unpaid wins the Credit Management Innovation Award

On 21 November 2019, following the annual Credit Expo, the Credit Management Innovation Award was awarded. This award is awarded to companies with exceptional, ground breaking, innovative, surprising initiatives that had a significant, demonstrable positive effect on the quality of credit management.

The award is an initiative of the Institute for Credit Management. Professor Ludo Theunissen, Chairman of the IvKM (Institute for Credit Management) as well as Chairman of the jury, stated that Unpaid charmed the jury especially with their combination of a legal approach, on the one hand and their entrepreneurial approach, on the other.

We were very happy with this award at Unpaid, given our continuous focus on innovation. In addition to our focus on user convenience, we are constantly adding new applications. For instance, we recently added the real-time credit analysis and we are currently finalizing our internationalising, so that foreign companies can also start using our tool.

Unpaid wint Credit Management Innovation Award 2019

Winning an award is obviously always very special. In this case we think that this award has some extra shine, since it is awarded by a jury with professionals from the sector. So it's not just a popularity poll, but recognition that we have received after thorough and in depth analysis.

We would sincerely like to thank the Credit Expo and the IvKM for this recognition; we know that it will motivate us to do even better in the future.

Award credit expo

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