The usefulness of a good online bookkeeping programme

Accounting - is it a necessary evil for you, or does it make your heart beat faster? Keeping accurate accounts is a legal obligation for any business, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, there is a great variety of handy bookkeeping software nowadays, software that makes your administrative work much simpler and more efficient. Below we list the advantages.

usefulness good online bookkeeping programme

What does a good bookkeeping programme do?

The name says it all: it is a computer programme in which you manage your bookkeeping, often from A to Z. From a quote to stock management to the preparation and sending of your invoice.

Today, there are many accounting programmes, each with its own features. But, broadly speaking, all bookkeeping packages deliver the same thing; they make your administration easier.


The advantages of an online accounting program

You have access to your bookkeeping anywhere and anytime

Bookkeeping programmes are now all online. This ensures that you can consult your business figures at any time. All you need is an internet connection, whether at home, in the office, or on holiday. You are no longer dependent on a desktop or a permanent workplace to do your bookkeeping.


You can invoice easily and digitally

Vintage accounting software required us to print out our invoices and walk to the mailbox. Online bookkeeping puts an end to that. Digital invoicing saves you time and money and is very easy. You can even entrust the follow-up of invoice payments to your accounting programme in most software.


You can easily make connections

In most online accounting software, you can add your suppliers and customers. Some software packages also allow you to link with your webshop or bank account. Many accounting programmes can also be linked to a host of other handy and efficient tools so that the software supports you even more efficiently.

All this means there is a good chance that you can integrate Unpaid into your accounting programme. This ensures you can have unpaid invoices collected by Unpaid through your trusted software package.

usefulness good online bookkeeping programme

Improves the communication between you and your accountant

By adding your bookkeeper or accountant to your software, you ensure better interaction. You exchange data easily, and your accountant can look over your shoulder. This way, they can quickly get an overview of your company's accounts.


Not dependent on one platform or browser

It does not matter whether you use an Apple or Windows computer; most online accounting applications run perfectly on both. Make sure your browser is up-to-date, and that's it. Just head to the website and log in.


Automatic back-ups and updates

We sometimes forget to save documents, then the computer crashes. Keeping a backup of your data is vital. With an accountancy programme in the Cloud, which works according to the SaaS principle, you do not have to think about backups. Your software supplier takes care of that.

With SaaS, fully Software as a Service, you also don't have to think about regular updates. The supplier updates the software on the server whenever necessary. You are always automatically in the latest version of your programme, without having to do anything.


Online bookkeeping is safe

Most online accounting programmes include many robust precautions to protect your data. They often work with a secure SSL connection, which you can recognise by the 'lock' in the address bar of your browser.

safe online bookkeeping
Not expensive

With a SaaS system, you usually pay a fixed amount per month to keep your accounts. The monthly amount is often very affordable. There is usually no start-up cost; you just take out a subscription and start right away.


In short, online bookkeeping is a must!

We at Unpaid see only advantages in working with online accounting software. Its ease of use is unequalled.

Moreover, most of the accounting software you use can be directly linked to Unpaid. In other words, you put us to work chasing unpaid invoices directly from your familiar accounting platform. Handy, right!

Do you still have questions before you make the connection? Or could you use some help in creating the right links between both online tools? Feel free to contact us.