About Regsol: Central Register Solvency

In a previous article we discussed the increasing number of bankruptcies of companies and how important it is in that respect to respond quickly to unpaid invoices. In this article we explain REGSOL - the digital platform for handling bankruptcy filings electronically. It ensures that you are kept informed of the entire bankruptcy procedure and it increases the chance that you may yet recover unpaid invoices from a bankrupt debtor or a debtor in WCO.

What is REGSOL?

As a creditor, you can digitally submit your claims from a debtor who is bankrupt or in the WCO on REGSOL. The platform ensures faster processing of bankruptcy applications, bankruptcies and judicial reorganization procedures. The advantages of digitization are countless:

- processing bankruptcy applications, bankruptcies and judicial reorganization procedures is faster;

- you have a lot less paperwork;

- as a creditor you have insight into the course and settlement of the bankruptcy.

REGSOL thus digitizes, as it were, the entire exchange process between the stakeholders in a bankruptcy.

How does REGSOL work?

Example: you have one or more unpaid B2B invoices from a customer who is declared bankrupt or who is in WCO. In that case you must submit a declaration of your claim. Before 1 April 2017, that declaration was made via the clerk of the commercial court, with the possibly a lot of administrative chaos.

With REGSOL you, as a creditor, submit your claims electronically via https://www.regsol.be/, in 3 steps.

  1. You register

  2. You enter your details and those of the claim, and you add all the supporting documents.

  3. You will see an overview of your claim, make adjustments where necessary and you accept/submit.

For whom is this digital claim via REGSOL mandatory?

Are you a Belgian legal entity? Then you are obliged to submit the claim online. That costs you 6 euros and it usually has to be done within 30 days. As a Belgian natural person, you have the choice: either you can submit online or you submit the claim to the liquidator.

As a foreign legal or natural person, you must contact the curator if you are not represented by a special representative. The bankruptcy trustee will then provide you with the appropriate documents for submitting the declaration of claim.

Do you have unpaid invoices from a customer who has been declared bankrupt? Then make sure you use REGSOL. For all your other unpaid B2B invoices you can use UNPAID quickly and easily. Because acting quickly against defaulters is the best remedy to keep your company healthy.

Do you have an unpaid invoice or do you have questions about how Unpaid works? Call +32 9 396 34 00 or let us know when you want to be called.