Example of a good invoice

These elements must be included in your invoice

A good invoice makes the entire payment process go more smoothly. For example, there are a number of crucial elements that have to be contained in an invoice in order to avoid problems if a customer should fail to pay. Are you certain that your invoices are complete? Read here what a good invoice looks like.

What does a good invoice contain?

1. Your company data

  • Company name

  • Legal form and seat of the court of the judicial district where the company has its registered office

  • Address

  • Bank account number

  • VAT number

2. Data of your customer

  • Company name
  • Address
  • VAT number

3. The invoice date and delivery date of the service or product.

The invoice date is the date on which you draw up the invoice. That date is important for the tax authorities. The delivery date is the date of performance, i.e. the day on which you carried out the service or delivered the product. These two dates might be the same, but that isn't necessarily the case.

4. Invoice number

Every invoice in your account books has a unique serial number. You can regard this as a reference number, for both your own administration and that of your customers. If you experience problems with the payment of an invoice, you can conveniently refer to this serial number. Do this as correctly and logically as possible, in order to avoid problems with the tax authorities.

5. Due date

It is always recommended to mention the due date on your invoice as well. This is the invoice date plus the payment period. This is therefore the latest date by which the customer has to pay. If such a due date is not stated on the invoice, the legal payment period of 30 days will be applied.

6. Description of your service

Describe concisely what service(s) you performed for the customer.

7. Quantity

This is the number of delivered goods or the number of hours worked on services.

8. Unit price (hourly basis, per item, …)

This can be the price on an hourly basis and/or the price per item.

9. Taxable amount

This is the total amount excluding VAT if you add together all of the worked hours or delivered products.

10. Discounts

If discounts apply or were agreed, you should mention these as well and you deduct them from the total amount excluding VAT.

11. VAT rate

You also mention how much VAT applies for your activity. That will depend on the type of service or product that you furnish: 6%, 12% or 21%.

12. Total price

The total price is the total amount of all delivered services (the taxable amount) with the VAT included.

Your customer isn't paying?

Unfortunately, non-payments do sometimes occur... No matter how good your general terms and conditions and invoices might be. In such a case, don't just give up – you earned that money!

Download example invoice 


The example can be adjusted and used with your own logo or can be a useful took for comparison with your current invoice template.


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